Sónar Festival 2015-2019

Sónar Festival 2015-2019 - Pilar Poyatos
Description: Graphic design and graphic production in line with the Sonar and Sonar+D brand: Festival signage, press announcements, digital banners, dossiers, social networks. Also, assembly of the festival banners and signage and completing a large volume work within tight time frames.

Artistic direction: Sergio Caballero
Diseño gráfico y producción gráfica acorde con la imagen de Sónar y Sónar+D: señalética del festival, anuncios para prensa, banners digitales, dossieres, redes sociales... Montaje de la señalética, con un gran volumen del trabajo con timings muy ajustados.

Dirección artística: Sergio Caballero.
Skills: Graphic Design, Web Design
Client: Advanced Music

Graphic design and production

diseño Sónar 2015

Festival program and ads for various magazines.


diseño Sónar Festival

Press Kit for Sónar and Sónar+D in different languages.

Sónar 2015

Festival information signage with schedules and practical information.

diseño Sónar festival - menus

Menu design for different festival’s areas.


Sónar 2017

Delegate pass office’s practical information.


montaje festivales

Design, production and installation of significant amount of signage.


Sónar 2018

Digital banners.


Sónar 2015

Large scale print located on both sides of the stage.


Sónar 2015


Sónar 2015

Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night… Truely amazing!


Sónar 2015

Sonar + D is a very inspiring and innovative project full of professionalism!